What are your potential customers searching for?

Discover the keywords and search terms that your potential customers are using to find your business online.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is quite possibly the most important aspect of any successful SEO campaign.  It allows you to think like your potential clients; what are they searching for to find you? What phrases or keywords are they using to find your competitors? That is what we find out by performing keyword research.

Using the information we find during this process allows us to create relevant content for your website or blog.  Each page on your website should have a specific focus and that is why we perform keyword research.

What information do we find for you?

Low Competition Keywords

We work to find the keywords that have the lowest competition so that we can get results, faster!

Main Keyword Competition

We take the top keyword phrase you want to rank for and find the top 10 results in Google.  This gives us a solid benchmark.

Your Keywords

These are the keywords that you are currently ranking in the top 100 for.  We hope to find some low handing fruit!

Competitor Keywords

This information lets us see the top keywords that your competition is currently ranking for.  That helps us discover some additional keywords & terms to target.

Google Keyword Tool

We use Google's own tools to help discover what keywords and phrases are the most valuable for us to invest in.


All of this information is delivered to you in an easy to digest spreadsheet.  All of the data is divided into tabs so that you can view one section at a time.  This document can provide you a solid foundation for an organic SEO campaign or even for PPC advertising.

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