Plaza Midwood


PMM is the business association for the Plaza Midwood area of Charlotte. The Plaza Midwood business district developed organically while retaining historical relevance. PMM is the business association for this unique and evolving district.



The goal of the PMM website was two fold. First, it was essential for the merchants association to help promote the local businesses through the website. In addition, they would need a platform to allow companies to sign up and manage their own listings.

02 Color & Typography


03 UX & Lead Generation


With an improved user experience, we were able to drive more traffic to the CTA's. Elements, such as the subscription form on the bottom of the page, were necessary to capture as many email leads as possible.

04 What Amy had to say...


"Working with Grant was awesome! It was easy to co-create the site together. He is responsive and clear in his communication so we were able to expedite the process more than most website designers I've had experience with. I really loved my site, he listened to the tone I wanted to create and with the specific changes I needed he was able to meet them in a timely and gracious manor. Grant also follows up to ensure your happiness with the site and assists with immediate changes needed when the project is finalized. He made it an easy process and was fun to work with. I have recommended him to many and will continue to!"

Amy D.