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Website Design

Your website is a 24x7 marketing tool and it never stops working for you. The issue with most dental websites is that they all look the same. Most offices simply look for other dental websites and then create something similar.

So how can you stand out in the crowd?

With a custom built website, designed specifically for you. A website that represents who you are and what your office has to offer. A website that lets patients know why they should choose you.


SEO can get confusing with all of the technical talk, acronyms, and jargon. We like to simplify that by helping you understand what SEO is and how you can leverage it to get more clients for your office.

That is, after all, the name of the game. More patients.

Put simply, SEO is the process of improving your website, from a number of standpoints, to help it rank higher in search engines, generate more traffic and get more leads.

How do we do that?

Here is a quick overview of what we do for our clients

Before the new website is designed, I will need to create a sitemap to help us create an easy to navigate and user friendly website.

If we are targeting the wrong keywords, we will be wasting time & money. I will research competitors and other dental offices to find out what phrases potential patients are searching for. This way we make sure each page as a very specific and unique focus.

After the SEO and keyword research is done, we will implement these elements onto the new website to give us a solid foundation for our online marketing campaign (SEO).

Now it’s time for us to begin to rank your website. This solid foundation provides us with the best opportunity to get more traffic to your website.

This is the best way for us to get the word out about your new office. We will send out press releases to garner initial visibility, and continue to promote the content on the website, and blog, to improve the overall visibility of the clinic.

Sound like a lot?  That’s why we take it off your plate and do the work for you!

Want to learn more about dental SEO? You can go here.

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